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Kashmir Climate & Culture - Area 105 sq kms, Altitude 1,730 m, Temperature - Summer 29.5 C 10.6 C, Winter 7.3 C -1.9 C , Rainfall 52.9 cms , Population 930136, Best Season Throughout the year, though the winter months can be quite cold. Clothing Spring and autumn Light woollens. Summer Cotton/tropical , Winter Heavy woollens , Languages Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi, English. Kashmir has four distinct Seasons, each with its own peculiar character and distinctive charm. These are spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring, which extends roughly from March to early May, is when a million blossoms carpet the ground. The weather during this time can be gloriously pleasant at 23OC or chilly and windy at 6OC. This is the season when Srinagar experiences rains, but the showers are brief. Summer extends from May until the end of August. Light woollens may be required to wear out of Srinagar. In higher altitudes night temperatures drop slightly. Srinagar at this time experiences day temperatures of between 25OC and 35OC. At this time, the whole valley is a mosaic of varying shades of green - rice fields, meadows, trees, etc. and Srinagar with its lakes and waterways is a heaven after the scorching heat of the Indian plains.The onset of Autumn, perhaps Kashmir's loveliest season, is towards September, when green turns to gold and then to russet and red. The highest day temperatures in September are around 23OC and night temperatures dip to 10OC by October, and further drop by November, when heavy woollens are essential.

Kashmir Tour Packages

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